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"We heard about Amber directly from the illustrious doula and birth educator Penny Simkin, who personally recommended Amber and encouraged us to work with her. Amber is kind, gentle, and cares deeply about helping women achieve their goals for birth. I had an extremely positive natural birth experience in a hospital setting (Swedish Ballard) with Amber's support. She was there as an advocate, a knowledgeable presence, and a calming support for me and my husband. She answered many of my questions leading up to the birth, recommended lots of helpful reading, and was available and encouraging throughout my postpartum experience." — Emily

"The encapsulation service was outstanding and we will recommend it to our expecting friends! Thank you Amber for your genuine kindness and excitement towards health and true wellness." — Nicole & Jason

"Amber offered support to our family in a way that allowed us to be fully present with the birthing process. As a first time laboring mother, I knew I wanted a doula to offer a pillar of confidence and knowledge to the process. Amber was always there when needed and created a quiet atmosphere where I was empowered to do what I wanted with minimal interference. She offered suggestions to make the laboring process more comfortable and effective. She has a very gentle demeanor and worked with care. She tended to my husband's needs so he could be an effective support for me. The two of them made an awesome team which allowed the entire process to be as relaxed as possible. The birth of our son was magical and her postpartum services were beyond helpful. It takes a village and we were blessed to have her expertise and tenderness." — Nicole

"As soon-to-be new parents, my wife and I were fortunate to have found Amber! She was a fantastic mentor and supportive guide throughout the entire pregnancy and birth, providing helpful tips, sage advice and comforting support every step of the way. I highly recommend working with Amber as a doula!" — Justin

"Amber is wonderful! I really can't emphasize enough how perfect she is for the very intimate and important role she plays as a doula. She is calm, caring, intuitive, incredibly informative and fully committed to supporting you in your preparation for birth and in having a positive birth experience. She has a comfortable and comforting energy that is invaluable for all stages of birth preparation, labor, and post-partum support.

"For my family, my husband's recent cancer diagnosis and treatment kept us from attending birth classes and added delicacy to our situation as first time parents — as well as the presence of many family members for all our meetings and our birth! Amber was supportive of all of us, answering our many questions and helping the whole family through my labor and delivery. In our pre-birth meetings, Amber took special efforts to provide information and to help us to prepare and develop a birth plan in absence of birth preparation classes.

"My labor was 22 hours and Amber was by my side providing comfort and support both at home and at the hospital. I think she was rubbing my back for most of that time! Her words of guidance and encouragement were so grounding and helpful. She also made sure my husband was taking care of himself throughout the long night and day.

"We encountered several minor complications during my labor which necessitated decision-making and some diversion from my birth plan. Amber was a wonderful advocate and asked great questions of the medical staff that helped us to make informed decisions. I felt that I had a steady partner who was entirely dedicated to ensuring that I felt informed and empowered despite the complications — and with her support, I did!

"Her follow-up meeting and post-partum doula support providing overnight nanny support have been equally caring and helpful. I am so grateful that we found Amber and can't imagine better support for first time parents like us!" — Rananda

"Amber was extremely professional. She was timely and friendly. I believe the placenta capsules made my transition into motherhood easier.We loved the job she did and look forward to hiring her after our next child." — Kalissa & Ryan


"I interviewed quite a few doula candidates before choosing Amber. Upon meeting her, I knew she would be our choice. She was instantly calming and very relatable (I knew I needed someone grounded, with a good sense humor for my babies birth). from first meeting, Amber offered insight, gentle advice (much appreciated for this first time mama!) and soothing reassurance that I could do this. My husband met her during our first prenatal meeting, and liked her right away. I think one of Amber's most powerful roles in this whole process was supporting my partner. She was able to answer many of his questions, and ease many of his worries regarding the home birth. Her innate calmness seemed to really help him relax in to the idea (that, plus having some help in supporting me on the big day!).

"Amber made it promptly to our home during the 4th of July. Both my husband and I were so relieved to have her there with us. I don't remember a lot of details from my daughters birth, but the memories of love and support are strong. Amber quietly soothed me, (again probably most importantly) supported my husband, and in general just kept things moving smoothly (getting food/coffee for everyone, tending to our cats — these things are important during a 20hr home birth!). Our post-partum visit with Amber was very helpful and reassuring (she showed us how to swaddle!). She has continued to check in with us over this year and seems genuinely interested in our daughter. We're thankful to have her in our lives and can't recommend Amber highly enough. I love that she was present for the most difficult, magical day of my life. If we do it again, Amber will be there." — Rebecca

"When Amber is present I don't worry about anything. We're in great hands! Amber was the doula for our 8 year old son during the birth and provided postpartum care for me and my new baby. She was with our family for a number of weeks as our doula following the birth. She is fantastic babies and moms!" — Barbara & Brian

"Amber was the quiet strength I drew on for my births. She was present for me at both of the births of my daughters. She came to my house promptly both times I was in labor and stayed after my births. She was also available for post-labor support. She encapsulated my placenta for postpartum use! I hope Amber will be available for any future birth I have!"
— Larissa & Aadalar

"Hiring Amber was the best thing I ever did and worth every penny. I hired Amber as a PPD and she was amazing. So much so, that I ended up keeping her until my baby was around 8 months old. She had so much useful information, but didn't force any particular method or view on me — rather she provided me with all the information about a topic and let me make choices and supported me. (For instance we talked about alternatives to using formula).

"Amber also showed me a variety of techniques to help my baby sleep, learn, eat, etc. For example, she encouraged me to wear my baby (it totally works!), and showed me how to use a breast feeding pillow for tummy time! She had different and unique strategies for keeping my baby entertained. In addition to that, Amber didn't waste a second. If the baby was sleeping, Amber would do things to make my life easier — tidy, cook some food, organize things, etc. This is extremely important because I have hired other Doula's from this site, who were great, but when the baby slept they used that time to surf the internet or watch TV on their phone. Amber makes sure that every moment she is in your home she is helpful and that is a hard quality to find.

"I would have hired Amber as my Doula during pregnancy if my circumstances were different (I moved to Seattle just before giving birth). I could see how Amber's approach and support would be beneficial for pregnant ladies.¬†Initially I was reluctant to let someone in my home, but Amber truly understood the importance of her role in my life and the importance of taking care of my child — another quality that seems hard to find in someone. I trust Amber completely and do not hesitate to recommend her. I am happy to provide more information if you need it!" — Faye

"I was so lucky to have Amber at my birth! She was so caring and supportive and I really feel like she knew exactly what I needed when I needed it! It was amazing and I am so glad she was there to share and help in my transformational experience!" — Katie