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Amber Matusky


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Birth Services

The following services include a free initial consultation of up to one hour. For those in need, a sliding scale is available upon request.

Antepartum Doula

As an antepartum doula, I offer non medical support for your unique circumstance during pregnancy.
• emotional support
• informational support
• light errands/cleaning
• birth plan preparation
• practical help for mothers on bed rest or experiencing a high risk or difficult pregnancy

Birth Doula

As your birth doula I offer unbiased support tailored to your family's unique needs and desires. Birth service includes:
• 1-2 prenatal meetings
• birth plan preparation
• unlimited phone/email/text support before labor
• physical, emotional and informational support before, during and after the birth
• continuous support when you need it, until after baby's birth
• one postpartum meeting
• attending hospital, birth center and home births
$1000-$1500. Retainer fee of $500 due at time of hiring. The balance is to be paid at our postpartum meeting.

Postpartum Doula

Help ease the transition to life with your new one(s):
• breast/bottle feeding support
• encouragement of your parenting style
• errands, light household chores
• sibling care
• meal plan/prep
• help with baby gear, baby wearing
• elimination communication
• birth processing
• emotional support
• resource guide
• nighttime support
• sleep for everyone

Birth Tub Rental

I have two birth tubs I rent for $100 each. One is a Birth Pool in a box and the other is a La Bassine Birth Pool. Email for availability.

Check Availability

To view my calendar and check for my availability go to: Doula Match.

placenta pills

Placenta Encapsulation

Reap the benefits of this centuries old remedy during your postpartum period! Professionally prepared and conveniently packaged placenta medicine in an easy to swallow capsule.

Benefits include:
• increased milk production
• less fatigue
• less bleeding
• increase in energy
• hormone balance
• uterus returns to pre-pregnant size quicker
• decreases risk of baby blues
• natural iron supplement

Includes a print, if desired. $250
*intended for info only, not approved by FDA*